Easy SEO mistakes every beginner makes

If you’re running one of the top online casinos, you need to know SEO.

“SEO can be worth spending a few years to learn because once you can rank a website, you can easily monetize it and sell it 30x higher than your average monthly income,” says the CEO of seoadvantage.com.au.

If you know how to make a website, you should know how to do SEO. Search Engine Optimization is necessary for anyone who owns a website and wants to build an audience and actually get organic traffic. The higher you rate among search results, the better, but many people make mistakes that can get them a penalty, or even worse, a ban from Google. There is no middle ground because if you do not make an effort to SEO optimize your blog or website, you are bound not to get visibility and traffic, on the other hand, if you do it wrong, you get penalties and bans without even knowing why. Below, you have the top five rookie mistakes you might be making. If you have done any of the things described below, chances are you need to take action fast before your website becomes history. It takes an effort to keep a website going, so keep in mind that you need to take care of it, otherwise, you would just be wasting your time.

Slow Hosting

If you’ve signed up to the wrong host, you will know right away. The loading speeds will be slow and the site will feel overall sluggish. You will want to do some basic research and check out a few reddit threads on hosting. To spare you the researching time, we can recommend a2 hosting, one of the fastest web hosts as of typing this in 2020.

Keyword spamming

One of the worst mistakes you can make is keyword spamming. You focus on one, two, or three keywords and use them at least ten times in the content. We say ten at least because some people manage to use a keyword three times in the same paragraph. If the same keyword is used even five times in the content, it raises a red flag for the search engines. What follows is this: not only will the article or blog post be flagged as spam, your whole website will get the same treatment. In other words, Google will consider your website as spam and you get an extremely low rank (if any) in a search result.

Using the wrong language

Okay, you might say, I know about keyword spamming, it is old history. However, in your content, are you using the correct language? No matter which niche you belong to and focus on, you need to know your audience. You need to be familiar not with the language of your industry, but with the language of your audience. If you are using too many technical terms in your content that your audience would never search for, let alone understand, then you need to optimize. The people who would read and click on your post might not understand the content. The result: those people would not click on your website, even if it pops up in the search results again. On the other hand, if you provide content that can be understood by anyone, even by someone who is not familiar with rocket science, then you have scored a returning visitor.

Keep using the same SEOspammer

Here is the thing: SEO is a science, and like any other science, it undergoes research, development, and advancement. The SEO tools you used back in 2012 will not work today, because things change all the time, especially with SEO. For example, the reason why keyword spamming became popular in the first place was because back then, keywords mattered and brought traffic instead of doing the opposite, as it is today. So keep in mind that you need to be constantly on alert for developments. SEO optimization novelties are available and documented, and you need to be prepared for them, if you want to keep your website going. Otherwise, you might make even bigger mistakes that will get you banned simply because you did not have enough information and did not know that you were actually making a mistake.

Using meta keyword tags

Same with keyword spamming, using meta keyword tags used to be the most popular SEO trick out there a few years ago. Today, using meta keyword tags has very little SEO influence. Moreover, you are allowing anyone who visits your website to see which keywords you are using for that particular post. They can steal them, copy them, which might not cause problems for you, it might steal your traffic. Keywords are important when creating web content, and, as previously said, you have to learn your audience to come up with the right ones that will bring you traffic. You do not want anyone else stealing them and basically reaping the benefits of your efforts.

Doing it by yourself

If you find yourself making any of the above-described mistakes, chances are you do not know much about SEO. There is nothing wrong with not knowing about something. It’s wrong, however, to continue doing it by yourself. You can do two things to turn the situation around. You could educate yourself and learn how to optimize your website.

If you choose to educate yourself, keep in mind that you need to look for SEO courses and material that is up to date and relevant, and that you will not be learning from outdated material, and again commit the same mistakes. You want to make your website relevant and credible for the search engines, and get a high rank among search results, not have your website banned or receive a really low rank that is reserved for the genuine spammers out there.

The same rule of thumb applies when hiring a SEO company to help you optimize your website. The first thing you should ask them is whether they have worked within your niche. For example, if someone has experience in optimizing a sales website, it does not mean that they will know how to help you with your self-help blog, or vice versa. To be safe, you can always go for bigger companies that you know have helped other people who have websites in your niche – and have been successful. The second thing you should look for is knowledge. Just because they are a company, it does not mean that they are not using the same optimization tools all the time. Make sure that their knowledge is up to date, and that they will actually help you get a higher rank in a search result and help you keep your website afloat.

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