CSS3 Animations with Magic

If you’re looking to add some animations to your latest web project look no farther then magic css. Many different animations are supported, and normally I would point out a demo page for something like this. However in this case, I am not going to do that as the demo page is so shitty. I […]

Why we love Janky

It's simple and quick to get started with.
Janky feels like the real deal. The admin section is so convenient to use.
A list apart says:
It integrates well with bluehost, our visitors love that.
CSS Tricks says:
This is a theme we are more than happy to share.
The theme is perfectly SEO optimized and the performance is off the charts.
A perfect theme for any review website out there... Or any blog for that matter.
food near me says:
Jankyweb? More like awesomeweb. Very easy theme to master.