5 Reasons Why Online Bookkeeping Interest Still Fluctuating

Online bookkeeping seemed to be increasing in popularity over the past few years, or, at least, that was what we were able to conclude. Numerous entrepreneur and business owners were both using online bookkeeping services, and praising the usefulness of outsourcing your bookkeeping. However, we can see that online bookkeeping, in fact, has not enjoyed […]

CSS3 Animations with Magic

If you’re looking to add some animations to your latest web project look no farther then magic css. Many different animations are supported, and normally I would point out a demo page for something like this. However in this case, I am not going to do that as the demo page is so shitty. I […]

Why we love Janky

It's simple and quick to get started with.
It integrates well with bluehost, our visitors love that.
This is a theme we are more than happy to share.
One simply cannot ask for more in a wordpress theme.
The dudes in the office are really happy with this one. 10p.
How can you not love this theme? It's so simple to use even my kids can use it.
Damnritch says:
Love the fact that you can sign up with gmail.com oAuth account.
Iassessonline.com says:
As we've seen with our sites where we offer our visitors a personality test for career, this theme outperforms any other one out there.
Being a Web Design company, we really appreciate the simplicity of cJanky. Great for bootstrapping and simpler sites.
The VPN Lab says:
We have used cJanky theme for our nordvpn review website in the past, and we love how straightforward it is to get started with.