CSS3 Animations with Magic

If you’re looking to add some animations to your latest web project look no farther then magic css. Many different animations are supported, and normally I would point out a demo page for something like this. However in this case, I am not going to do that as the demo page is so shitty. I seriously thought it was a joke at first but soon came to the realization that it is unfortunately for real.

At any rate go ahead and check out the CSS animations on your own and maybe use them?

x-gif – handling gifs like a boss

<x-gif> is a web component for flexible GIF playback. Speed them up, slow them down, play them in reverse, synch multiple beats to a rhythm, synch them to audio, whatever you like.

It fetches the GIF via Ajax, slices it up and thus let’s you do all of the above with a simple GIF image. Very cool!

x-gif-screenshotCheck out the demo.

It’s released under an MIT license so you can use it in almost anyway you choose.

Scribe – The Text Editor

What is it?

As you may have guessed from the title, it’s a rich text editor framework for the web platform, with patches for browser inconsistencies and sensible defaults.

scribe screenshotIt has a very basic look, which seems to be very easy to customize (I haven’t tried it yet, but have briefly looked over the code). The Guardian has a very nice post about how they use it.

Cons: Some potential cons to using it in its current state; it’s lack of documentation. However, as I said above the code looks very nice and well written which should make it easy enough to get started with.

Pros: Its lack of style, this should make it very easy to integrate with whatever project being worked on. Very small footprint when compared to other rich text editors like it.

Licensing: Its released under an Apache license, so using it in most projects shouldn’t be an issue.

Check it out Demo